onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Fast video cataloger 1.50 available for download

Today you can download the new version of Fast Video Cataloger from the product web site at www.videocataloger.com

The video program has been updated with a new user interface that you can customize. Most windows are now docked so you can create a layout to suit how you are working with your videos, and you can use more than one window for the layout.

Another big improvement is that the trial version now also works as a reader program. You can download the trial version and test it to create your catalogs. After the trial period you can still use the software to view catalogs that you created earlier or that you got from other users. This is great news if you own the program and want to share your catalogs.

The program can be downloaded from the product page as of now.

Here are a few unofficial videos from you tube to give you a preview of the program if you don't want to download it right away. They don't show new features in this version but they do show the new user interface.

Add videos to catalog using fast video cataloger

Fast Video cataloger flexible user interface

How to use keywording in Fast video cataloger

torsdag 10 maj 2012

Tagging and searching single video frames

Fast video cataloger 1.20 is now available for download.
Fast video cataloger is now available in a new version (1.20). In this version the user interface has been changed to look more like Adobe Lightroom and to flow from the left to the right. This change not only makes the user interface more intuitive but it makes it possible to edit video properties and tags at the same time as you view the video thumbnail images.
The biggest improvement however is the support for tagging individual video frames in a video and to search your entire video catalog after tagged scenes.
This improvement makes it really easy to search individual scenes across different videos files. No need to split the actual video files or doing other time consuming video processing just to be able to organise your videos better. As always in Fast Video Cataloger you can start playing each of the video right from the time of the thumbnail scene.
If you want to test the program there is a free trial version available for download from videocataloger.com

måndag 19 mars 2012

Fast Video Asset Management Software for Media Professionals

Uppsala, Sweden - Inzomia has released Fast Video Cataloger, a video asset management system for Windows that lets video professionals catalog, search, and find video clips in seconds instead of hours. Fast Video Cataloger scans each of your video files and builds a series of evenly-spaced thumbnail images of the video. Each thumbnail acts as a bookmark. Simply click a thumbnail, and the video is immediately launched at that point in the video.

Cataloging of new videos is automatic, fast, and runs in the background as you use your PC for other work. Point to files or folders that contain videos, and Fast Video Cataloger will scan each video, build thumbnails, and add the information to its catalog.

Fast Video Cataloger delivers several ways of categorizing and retrieving video clips. It's easy to add tags to any videos, as well as information about the content of the videos. Keyword searches will quickly identify all videos that contain relevant footage. You can even manually add new thumbnails to your video as you watch it. With its combination of tagging, rating, categorizing, describing, and linking, Fast Video Cataloger makes it simple to find and retrieve video clips.

Fast Video Cataloger does not require any special server configuration or support from the IT Department. The software runs on any modern Windows PC. Because Fast Video Cataloger runs locally, there are no huge video files to upload, and no file format conversions are needed.

Sportscasters can use Fast Video Cataloger to parse historical footage of games and interviews and retrieve video clips when they're needed. News professionals can search video archives in minutes and retrieve the information they need for newscasts and b-rolls. Public relations managers in larger enterprises can locate video clips from corporate advertisements, annual meetings, and other archive footage. Professional videographers can use Fast Video Cataloger to scan their earlier work to find clips to include in proposals to new clients.

Fast Video Cataloger runs under Windows 7/Vista/XP with .NET framework. A single-user license costs $197(US). Multi-user discounts are available. You can download a trial version of Fast Video Cataloger.