torsdag 10 april 2008

Video sharing now on Flickr

As you might have heard, Flickr, one of the world’s largest photo sharing sites has finally on the 9/4 launched support for video sharing. According to Yahoo, the owner of Flickr, the site has about 46 million visitors monthly and there are more than two billion pictures shared on the site.

The new Flick video sharing is mainly aimed at sharing private videos. The great thing is that you can now share photos and videos shot with your digital camera in the same way and on the same site. Videos are limited in file size to 150mb and 90 seconds in length; this is supposedly to prevent publishing of copyrighted material, something that has been a problem on other video sharing sites like YouTube. Even though sharing of copyrighted material is a problem it is also part of the huge success of YouTube. Flickr on the other hand start from a much stronger position.

If you already have a Flickr pro account you should be able to upload videos to your account. The pro account is $25 a year and is required to add videos. Anyone with a normal Flickr account can still view videos on the site.

Videos on Flickr are placed among your photos and you can tag and Geotag videos just as you can do with photos. You can also play the videos right from the thumbnail list and searching for videos works just as it does for pictures, you can search titles and descriptions.

Flickr has a well developed programming API making it possible to use the site for videos on your site.

Videos on Flickr has so far only been around for two days but there are already a lot of interesting videos to check out:

A Great example of a video on Flickr.

A group with some of the best videos on Flickr

The video announcing video support on Flickr

How to download Flickr videos and how to capture video frames from them

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