onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Fast video cataloger 1.50 available for download

Today you can download the new version of Fast Video Cataloger from the product web site at www.videocataloger.com

The video program has been updated with a new user interface that you can customize. Most windows are now docked so you can create a layout to suit how you are working with your videos, and you can use more than one window for the layout.

Another big improvement is that the trial version now also works as a reader program. You can download the trial version and test it to create your catalogs. After the trial period you can still use the software to view catalogs that you created earlier or that you got from other users. This is great news if you own the program and want to share your catalogs.

The program can be downloaded from the product page as of now.

Here are a few unofficial videos from you tube to give you a preview of the program if you don't want to download it right away. They don't show new features in this version but they do show the new user interface.

Add videos to catalog using fast video cataloger

Fast Video cataloger flexible user interface

How to use keywording in Fast video cataloger

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