tisdag 28 maj 2013

Fast Video Cataloger 2 available for download

A new major version of Fast Video Cataloger ( http://www.videocataloger.com ) is Now available for download. 

Fast video cataloger is a program that helps you browse, search and find your videos quickly. The program lets you arrange all your videos with automatic batched thumbnailing. You can then categorise videos and assign keywords to whole videos as well as individual scenes. 

This major new version has focused on improving workflow for the most common tasks, like adding and tagging videos as well as a number of other minor adjustments. 

The program now includes an integrated file manager that helps you arrange your video files while keeping your catalogs up to date. 

Another big improvement to this version is that the program  has support for companion images. Companion images are for example cover images from the video, behind the scene shots or just any image related to the video. 

The final big improvement is a new group of tools to repair and maintain catalogs.

This new version of Fast video cataloger is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. A free fully functional trial version can be downloaded from http://www.videocataloger.com/download

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