tisdag 11 mars 2014

Fast video cataloger 3 now available for download

Fast video cataloger 3 was released today. You can download from the PC based video clip manager from http://www.videocataloger.com/download/.

Instead of the pressrelease, here is a copy and paste from the documentation about what is new:
"We have changed the visual look of the program to be more in line with other quality graphics software. If you are used to programs like Photoshop, 3D studio or Unity you feel at home with Fast Video Cataloger 3. The interface can still be configured to your liking across one or several computer monitors. Focus has been to provide the most efficient user interface possible.
We have added an icon view mode for your video list. This new icon view mode is great to get an overview of all your videos in a catalog and only need the titles and the images.
Player window is redesigned. You can save specific video frames as jpeg images. You can also change playback speed for most video files and do fast and slow seeks.
The new burst capture function let you add lots more details for interesting sections of a video with one click.
The companion image feature has been extended to include actor companions either specific images or folders that are automatically added.
Actions can now be user defined to better integrate Fast video cataloger with other programs or use of web pages.
More than 200 minor bug fixes and improvements to workflows."

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